You can receive treatment in a relaxed state by horizontal treatment.

Stable posture enables precise treatment


Horizontal treatment is a method that uses the mirror technique from behind the patient.
Medical treatment that does not use the arm joints much is possible.

In normal dental practice, the position of the dentist's line of sight has changed between short children and tall adults, but in horizontal treatment, the line of sight can be treated at an angle of 60 degrees, so it is stable. It is said that it is possible to practice in a posture.

Horizontal treatment where you can relax and receive treatment

The chair used in this hospital is called a dental bed. It has the feature that it can be treated regardless of the patient's height.
As you can see when you go to sleep, there are no treatment devices that can cause fear.

Because it is possible to receive treatment while sleeping, it is difficult to suppress the blood circulation of the brain during medical treatment.
Some children have fallen asleep while not receiving anesthesia while being treated relaxed.
We offer treatments that are considered from the patient's perspective.

"Five objectives of dental care" to know

Here are five dentistry objectives that I always want patients to know.

"Improve oral hygiene and maintain it"
A hygienic state is a state where there are no elements that cause an undesirable tissue reaction.
Maintaining oral hygiene is the most important condition for prevention. You can do it yourself, but if you have a physical disability, it is important for your family and others to help you maintain and maintain oral hygiene. Conversely, if the stuffing or crown is in poor condition, it will become a foreign substance that worsens oral hygiene. If there is a good quality material that doesn't, we will provide treatment to the patient after providing suggestions and explanations to the patient, including the cost.
“Enhancement and maintenance of tissue resistance”
Tissue resistance is a term that describes the relationship between teeth and periodontal tissue. Even if only the teeth are firm, if the periodontal tissue is bad, the tissue resistance will collapse and the teeth will fall out. Therefore, I do not only teeth treatment but also periodontal treatment to increase the resistance of periodontal tissue and support the teeth firmly.
“Making and maintaining good power relationships in the mouth”
Poor engagement can cause rattling and / or chin joint damage. In order to maintain a favorable force relationship in the mouth, it is necessary to create and maintain a tight mesh.
“Creating and maintaining a natural appearance in everyday life, within the mouth of other people”
This does not mean that all teeth should be pure white. There is no need to whiten back teeth like wisdom teeth that cannot be seen. One indicator is to keep about half of the first through ninth teeth clean and white.
"Removing pain and discomfort"
This is an important purpose of dental practice and my practice policy.

When I was undergoing dental training, it was normal for university hospitals to change doctors at each stage of treatment.

The doctor in charge of tooth decay, the doctor in charge of extraction, and the doctor in charge of dentures (dentures) are different.
It may be one way that individual dentists are in charge of treatment for each specialty, but then there is no dentist who can comprehensively judge the mouth.

We practitioners dentists perform individual treatment while comprehensively observing and diagnosing the mouth.
That is why it is possible to work as an attending doctor from a comprehensive standpoint so that the periodontal tissue is carefully trained while the teeth are cured, and at the same time, there are no problems with biting.

Dental treatment for me

A relaxing waiting room where you can relax


Many people feel anxiety, fear and distrust in dental practice.

Relieving patients who have an unpleasant experience in dental practice is also the purpose of my life.
I would like to see patients who are unhappy and want to receive dental care even if their dental condition worsens. Regardless of the generation, I would like to find answers with such patients and move forward.

The first time a patient comes to the hospital is surprised by the waiting room with wooden furniture and warm lamps. The idea of Dr. Daryl Beach, a teacher, has been devised to help patients relax and receive medical care.

As a person who can feel the hard feelings of people

For me, dental practice is “human help” in a nutshell.

I am a dentist who can reach out to patients who have problems in the mouth such as dental caries and periodontal disease, and patients who have swollen in the mouth due to wrong treatment and who have not left their meals. I am thinking. I don't think dental practice is a business.
My dental practice begins with knowing what the patient wants, what he is worried about, and what he is worried about.

My stance is not from the top, but always on an equal footing with the patient. I don't rely on a dental hygienist to take care of the tartar and the toothbrush.
I want to provide dental care that I can be satisfied with.

I am now working as a volunteer and a protector.
Through these activities, various emotions and situations behind protected people, such as human weakness, suffering, and sadness, are conveyed.

My way of life to support people who are likely to be left behind in society is on the same ground as dental care that saves patients who are left behind from medical care, and my dental care is based on that. I hope you will know.


Dentists are “firefighters” to reduce inflammation

When I was a kid, I was deeply moved by the life of a firefighter when I watched a movie depicting the activities of a firefighter, “My life is like a fire”.
I became a dentist while thinking "I want to be a firefighter", but looking back now, it seems that there was a common point between the work of firefighters "extinguishing flame" and the work of dentists "suppressing inflammation" The
Firefighters also strive to monitor and raise awareness of the local area so as not to cause a fire.
Similarly, I, a dentist, has focused on oral hygiene and community activities.

The habits acquired when I was a child continue even when I grow up.
Toothbrushing habits and instructions on how to brush your teeth will help prevent future irritation in the mouth.

The most rewarding thing for me is the word “thank you” from the patient.
I am grateful for being able to continue the dental practice in this area.


I didn't become a firefighter, but I really want to protect this area as a firefighter in my mouth.
That is my modest pride.
And finally, my dental practice wants to continue to be a medical practice as well as a contribution to the community and society.